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  • How do I purchase the garlic?
    Visit our farmstand or shoot us an email for pick-up.
  • Will you have anything other than garlic?
    We have a small batch of onions and tomatoes to throw in the mix. Lucky for us we have made friends with some other local farmers who will be adding to our farmstand throughout the summer. Maybe even some honey once we master the art of beekeeping! Heck, why not?
  • How much are the garlic scapes?
    Garlic scapes are $3.00 per pound until they are gone!
  • When will you start selling garlic?
    Garlic is here! We started selling garlic over 4th of July weekend. Over 7000 bulbs were harvested. With all the rain some of the bulbs look small, but they really pack a lot of flavor and the individual cloves are large. Some of the larger bulbs are drying out and will be out soon.
  • Do you ship your garlic?
    No we do not ship at this time. We will be at the farmstand Saturday's and Sunday's from 9am-12pm. We will also have some pop-up times throughout the summer. To avoid the garlic from sitting out in the hot sun all day we have decided to go with morning hours.
  • Who can I expect to meet at the farmstand?
    As much as we would love to get to play outside everyday, we also run a national commercial contracting business. We enjoy our day jobs and working with all our employess just as much! So expect to see Bryon, me (Cindy), Jake, Nick and Matt...maybe even my sister Tina who lives two doors down and believes she has a greener thumb than Bryon. I'm sure she will have some of her garden favorites at the farmstand to share.
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